The shopping centre

The cure for alienation

Professor Michael Hooker writes in his book “Agenda for the 21st Century” on the problem of alienation and modern youth.

“I’m kind of a student of the suburban shopping mall. They fascinate me. When I go to a strange city on business, if I have an evening free, sometimes I go to a shopping mall just to absorb the flavour. What worries me, especially among the youth is an emptiness in their eyes, an emptiness that reflects an emptiness in their lives.

“The shopping mall is a contemporary opium den, half of the kids are stoned on drugs while the other half are stoned by the very mall. The mall provides a kind of transfixing environment that takes their mind off of whatever, their issues are. They walk around, you look in their eyes there is nobody home.”

The real person is drugged by drugs or by the very opium of the mall. The higher is the consciousness of one’s nothingness, the stronger must be the drug. For some even drugs cannot dull the pain and their only way out out is suicide. This exit is growing among modern youth. Life is in danger when “there is no one home”.

Romeo Maione


Memory Catcher / Pixabay