Be your best friend

Cure for alienation

Be your best friend

The first step out of alienation is the gift of faith from a friend, the second step might well be to be friendly to the stranger that waits to be loved in oneself. The stranger that lived in the void of nothingness suddenly becomes someone.

Beyond our weaknesses and fear lies out own true self. Without friendship, there is no life possible.

This very friendship is etched beyond our will in the very biology of each person. Every part of the Human body from the incredible working of the immune system to the brain, from the heart to the kidneys, yes, including the sexual organs are full of beauty. They all work in perfect harmony.

If one has trouble to believe in miracles one should meditate on the workings of one’s very body to the great miracle of the creator. Each part is a total friend to all of the other parts. When one part of the body is ill, without thought or hesitation, the rest of the body comes to the aid of the sick part.

If the heart gets in trouble, the rest of the body races to help. If the toe gets infected the heart and rest of the body reciprocates. The body is the supreme act of creation and it works in perfect friendship.
Unfortunately, the basic goodness of God’s creation was put into the shadows of sin. The Jansenist and Puritans put such an emphasis on sin and weaknesses that religion instead of spreading the positive message of love and service was busy telling people how rotten they really were.

One can only imagine the heart telling the kidney it is your fault that you are sick, so look after yourself. Without conditions. The heart sends its healing love to the kidney. The sin approach to life made every person wary about loving themselves.

Anyone that loved himself was falsely accused of egoism. This can well be the outcome if love is contained in one organ of the body or in one person. Love to be true must have no frontiers. With the emphasis on sin, how many just hate themselves (hate also cannot be contained within frontiers). If one hates oneself, one must necessarily hate not only the stranger within but also the stranger beyond.

It is this hatred of oneself that leads to spiritual pain which in turn leads to opiates of varying strength. Alcoholism finds its roots in this personal hatred. When alcohol cannot drown the pain of hatred, then stronger drugs must take over. The person born to love cannot stand hatred and so starts to run away from the very uniqueness of oneself, after all,  there is only one you for all eternity.

Modern science may be able to clone another human body but it cannot ever hope to clone the spirit of the person. From the beginning of creation to its very end, there will never be another you. Yet the emphasis on sin forces a person to run away from one’s own very uniqueness and one’s creative power within. What is forgotten is that where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.
Sin is a weakness but the good news is that the Creator can and does use our very weaknesses for our good and the good of all. Friendship which is the trade mark of the creator, more often than not is attracted to our weaknesses more than to our strengths. How often do we call God to help us in Our weaknesses, when God answers and comes to our assistance and our rescue, we can well pray
‘felix culpa’ happy sin which allows total friendship to come to us.

Weaknesses play the role of fertilizer which the farmer uses to make rich the earth. Do not the birds of the air seek out the good in the horses’ excrement. Does not the bear who breaks the apple trees in the orchard also plant apple trees by their proper excrement within which is the good seed. How rich does the seed grow in the embrace of the excrement.
Every part of our bodies are an expression of the very mystery of the Creator.

Every part of the human body is marked by the beauty of the creator.

What disturbs me no end is when someone asks, “do you want to hear a dirty story?” And of course it is about sex. How can the sexual act be “dirty”  when this act is needed to conceive beautiful people. Sex allows couples to grow in love and so begets the future. If the sexual act is dirty then all is dirty, the present, the past and future. We must come to acknowledge the great beauty of sex.

Romeo Maione


Vilem Skarolek / Public Domain Pictures



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