Category: alienation

  • Be your best friend

    Be your best friend

    The first step out of alienation is the gift of faith from a friend, the second step might well be to be friendly to the stranger that waits to be loved in oneself. The stranger that lived in the void of nothingness suddenly becomes someone.

  • Faith, education and alienation

    Faith, education and alienation

    How terrible must be the pain and anguish of those that are totally alienated, biologically, culturally and spiritually. The only cure is faith yet how difficult it is to pass on the faith.

  • Alienation of animals

    Alienation of animals

    Recently, I was inĀ Australia speaking on the very serious illness of human alienation. I was brought up short when a listener brought to my attention the effects of alienation on the animal world.

  • The shopping centre

    The shopping centre

    Professor Michael Hooker writes in his book “Agenda for the 21st Century” on the problem of alienation and modern youth.