Romeo Maione

  • Does the lay person ‘belong’ at the Council?

    Does the lay person ‘belong’ at the Council?

    A few years ago, a small group of highly regarded theologians met to discuss the role of the layman in the Church. The principal result of their discussion nicely illustrates a central problem in the life of the Church today.

  • Be your best friend

    Be your best friend

    The first step out of alienation is the gift of faith from a friend, the second step might well be to be friendly to the stranger that waits to be loved in oneself. The stranger that lived in the void of nothingness suddenly becomes someone.

  • Faith, education and alienation

    Faith, education and alienation

    How terrible must be the pain and anguish of those that are totally alienated, biologically, culturally and spiritually. The only cure is faith yet how difficult it is to pass on the faith.

  • Alienation of animals

    Alienation of animals

    Recently, I was in Australia speaking on the very serious illness of human alienation. I was brought up short when a listener brought to my attention the effects of alienation on the animal world.

  • The shopping centre

    The shopping centre

    Professor Michael Hooker writes in his book “Agenda for the 21st Century” on the problem of alienation and modern youth.

  • The cure for alienation

    The cure for alienation

    The cure to the dread disease of alienation has already been discovered. It is at hand, all we have to do is apply it. At the heart of each religion is the meaning and secret of life.

  • Workers and the Church

    Workers and the Church

    As the village breaks down, it rebuilds. As the seed dies so will it bear bruit. In death there is life. As the village dies, so does the city find life. The city is the village reborn.

  • Letter to my parents

    Letter to my parents

    I would like to read to you this evening, a letter that a son wrote to his immigrant parents in their twilight years.

  • The dawn is for visions and the twilight for dreams

    The dawn is for visions and the twilight for dreams

    Recently, when I was in Perth, Australia, I was reminded of my age when a journalist began an interview by saying me, “Now that you have entered the twilight of your life…..” Suddenly I knew I had opened the door to dreams.

  • The role of the laity today

    The role of the laity today

    I’ve built up a thesis that I call “accidental theology” – God works through planned accidents. It was very much of a planned accident that I got involved in the lay apostolate back in 1948.

  • Roncalli


    The spirit of humanity in the fifties was at a very low ebb. It was still trying to digest the unleashed total evil of the 40’s. Deep in the human psyche, the words of Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Dresden, Stalingrad etc. were etching their despair on our souls.

  • Connecting with today’s reality the struggle goes on

    Connecting with today’s reality the struggle goes on

    For most Christians who are engaged in the struggle for social justice, the struggle started in 1891 with Rerum Novarum.

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